How Can I Obtain a Restraining Order in New Jersey

Feeling unsafe and worried for you and your family’s wellbeing is, unfortunately, a reality for thousands of people across America. New Jersey is no exception to this reality. It is common for victims of domestic violence to be interested in filing for a restraining order to be free from this worry. If you believe you are unsafe in your own home, now is the time to take action to prevent this individual from further harming you. With the experience of a knowledgeable family law attorney, you will be able to prove your need for a final restraining order to live in a worry-free environment that feels safe and secure. We are here to help. Do not hesitate to contact our family law firm to discuss your situation and how we can assist you.

What does a restraining order do?

A restraining order is a legal document used to limit the contact between two parties.

What can grant a restraining order?

Restraining orders may be requested by an individual for the following reasons:

  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • False Imprisonment
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Criminal Restraint
  • Terroristic Threats

How can I get a restraining order in New Jersey?

The first step you should take if you believe you or your children are in imminent danger would be to alert the authorities or submit a case with your local police department. It is important to make a point of the severity of your situation in your request. The authorities will contact a municipal judge to grant a temporary restraining order which will be put into place to keep you and your family safe until it is possible to attend a final restraining order hearing.

Within 10 days of being issued a temporary restraining order, your hearing will be scheduled. Going into this hearing, it is important that you gain the services of an experienced Bergen County family law attorney who will walk you through each step of this process. They will be able to obtain all the evidence necessary to prove that your temporary restraining order should become a final restraining order. To begin this process today, give our firm a call to discuss our services and how we can achieve a safe and secure living environment with a restraining order.

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