How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Child Custody?

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If you are fighting for child custody, you need to use any resource available to you. This is why we suggest hiring one of our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ. You can go it alone, but you only have one chance at this. Work with an experienced lawyer and follow our recommendations to build the best case that you can.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made in Child Custody Cases?

There are some things that parents do that can make it more difficult to win a child custody case. You should try to avoid:

Focusing on the negative: Some parents come into a case like this ready to trash-talk their ex, assuming that will help them get custody. This is rarely the best move though. You want to build an affirmative case for child custody that focuses on you and your relationships with your kids, not your ex.

Not devoting time to your kids: You cannot say that you want custody and then avoid spending time with your children when the opportunity arises. Show your commitment now and take every chance that you can to engage in your children’s lives.

Being disorganized: It may seem silly, but being messy and disorganized can reflect poorly on you in a child custody case. Make sure that you have relevant documents for your kids, like medical records, and that you can produce them if asked.

Losing your cool: This is a stressful time, but letting it get to you and having any kind of emotional outburst can make it harder to make your case. It is not exactly fair, but it is the reality of the situation.

Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

Knowing the law and how child custody can be awarded is one thing that can be extremely helpful in a case like this. You can do some research of course, but your knowledge is simply unlikely to match that of an experienced attorney. Your lawyer can also:

  • Keep up with all of the necessary paperwork
  • Contact expert witnesses who could bolster your case
  • Gather personal references and prepare witnesses for court
  • Prepare you for testimony
  • Help you develop an overall strategy
  • Answer any questions that you have

If you are serious about fighting for custody, you should hire a knowledgeable attorney that you can depend on.

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Chances?

Aside from retaining a lawyer and avoiding the above list of bad behaviors, just focus on what makes you a great parent. Spend as much time with your kids as you can, go to their games, participate in their hobbies, and make sure that you are always on time when picking them up and dropping them off. Your efforts here can make a big difference.

Schedule a Consult With Our Team

If you are ready to make the best possible argument for child custody, having an experienced lawyer by your side can be quite beneficial. So contact Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark and schedule a consultation with our legal team. We can answer your questions and tell you more about what our firm can do for you.

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