Establishing Paternity in New Jersey | What You Ought To Know

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No matter how your child came into existence, you intend to do right by him or her. As such, you intend to give the child access to your health insurance, life insurance, social security, veteran’s benefits and/or inheritance. However, you have not established legal paternity. If you require assistance, please read on, then contact one of our experienced fathers’ rights attorneys in Bergen County, NJ to learn what you ought to know about establishing paternity in New Jersey.

How do you go about establishing paternity in New Jersey?

Before a father receives his visitation and custody rights, he must first establish paternity. In the state of New Jersey, a man automatically becomes a legal father under the following conditions:

  • The father is married to the mother at the time of birth
  • The father was married to the mother at some point 10 months prior to the birth of the child

If the man and the mother never married, both parents can establish paternity by signing a form called a Certificate of Parentage and filing it with the state Registrar. A Certificate of Parentage is a sworn statement attesting that both parties believe the man to be the biological father of the child.

What if the mother does not sign the Certificate of Parentage?

If a mother will not sign the Certificate of Parentage, a man who alleges that he is a child’s biological father may ask a court to permit him to undergo paternity testing. In order to perform a court-ordered paternity test through the courts, the father must file a petition or allegation through New Jersey Family Court. Keep in mind that, without a court order, a mother alone can’t legally keep a child away from the father.

Do you need a Bergen County family attorney to help with establishing paternity in New Jersey?

No, you do not need a lawyer to establish the paternity of your potential child. However, reaching out to one of our skilled Bergen County NJ family law and divorce attorneys can make a world of difference, especially if the mother does not cooperate. A qualified family attorney can explain your rights and responsibilities. He or she can assist you in filing paternity hearing documents and represent you and your interests in court. Do not go it alone. Give us a call today.

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