Does New Jersey Have Bird’s Nest Custody Arrangements?

First off, you may be wondering what bird’s nest custody is. Basically, each parent takes turns staying in that residence, i.e. the bird’s nest, with the minor child. Bird’s nest custody differs from more traditional schemes where the child is shuttled back and forth between the two residences maintained by his or her parents. In short, it is a way of living that enables the minor child to remain in the family home and spend time with each parent there. Each legal guardian stays at the home during their agreed custody time, then elsewhere when they are “off duty.” If you think this approach may work for your situation, please read on, then contact one of our experienced child custody attorneys in Bergen County NJ to learn if New Jersey does have bird’s nest custody arrangements.

Is bird’s nest custody available in New Jersey?

Yes, this type of custody arrangement is available to New Jersey residents, but in order to do so, you must go through the following steps:

  • Determine whether or not this option is realistic: For example, you should decide whether both parents will live nearby and whether your finances can support it.
  • Hammer out a custody arrangement in Family Court: Together with you, your spouse and your attorneys, you should set a schedule, describe the changeover, divide the bills, agree on housekeeping and other factors.
  • Find living quarters for when you are not living with the child.
  •  Be prepared to make concerted decisions.

This will require extensive communication, which is why you should reach out to one of our skilled Bergen County NJ family law and divorce attorneys to hammer out a formal agreement.

How will your child benefit?

The list of benefits for bird’s nest custody is long and varied, but some of the biggest benefits are that the stress is placed on the parents, not the minor child, the minor child does not have to move around and gets to maintain his or her school, friends, pets and possessions, there is little to no disruption to the minor child’s life, the transition to a new normal is easier and there is less hassle for the parents. However, this process will be complex and time-consuming. That is why we can’t stress enough how important it is that you engage the services of skilled legal professionals to work on your behalf. Our firm will help maintain a cordial and equitable arrangement between you and your former spouse. Let us handle the paperwork. Give us a call today.

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