Do Fathers Ever Get Primary Custody In Bergen County, NJ?

fathers with child

Two decades ago, most child custody cases ended with mothers winning primary or full custody of their children. Due to antiquated gender roles, many people believed that women are naturally better caretakers than men, and therefore, children benefit from spending the majority of their time with their mothers. Thankfully, New Jersey courts now view parental roles as gender-neutral, and fathers now have a much better chance at winning shared or primary custody of their children. To learn more, read this blog or speak with one of our Fathers’ Rights Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ today!


Times have changed, so most New Jersey family courts lean toward 50-50 joint custody between both parents. Custody arrangements are always determined in the child’s best interests, and the courts now realize that children benefit from spending time with both parents (in most cases). A parent can lose custody of their child if they are determined to be “unfit” in family court.


Yes, though joint/shared custody is much more common, fathers can win primary or even full custody of their children. In general, this only really happens if the father proves that the mother is an unfit parent in court. A parent could be deemed “unfit” if they are abusive, have substance abuse issues, have a history of neglect or abandonment, are severely mentally ill, or are otherwise unable to provide their child with sufficient care. If your co-parent does not have the child’s best interests when fighting for custody rights, you should contact a child custody lawyer for help. You may be able to prove in court that your co-parent has no interest in caring for your child.

If you’re a father currently fighting for custody of your children, you may also want to take action to prove that you are actively involved in your children’s lives. For example, you could sign up to become a class parent or a coach of their sports team. You have a higher chance of winning primary custody if you make the extra effort to showcase how much you want to be a part of your child’s life.

Are you a New Jersey father seeking primary custody of your children? Are you looking for a talented family law attorney that has your best interests in mind? Look no further because Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark is on your side! Contact our firm today for an initial consultation.

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