Common Mistakes During Divorce in New Jersey

Bergen County NJ Divorce AttorneysThe divorce process in New Jersey can be quite complex. Not only are there practical and legal requirements to see that your divorce is completed, but there are also a litany of financial and personal issues to resolve as well. Many individuals going through a divorce make easily avoidable mistakes simply due to a lack of understanding of how the process works. Today, our divorce attorneys will identify some commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them while navigating the waters of divorce.

Bergen County, NJ Divorce Attorneys Identify Financial Mistakes

The vast majority of divorces will include some manner of financial division. Your Bergen County divorce attorneys might help you resolve complex financial issues including the division of marital assetsalimonychild support, and much more. The mistake we see most often here from both sides of the aisle is willfully or unintentionally misrepresenting the financial situation of one or both parties.

In New Jersey, it is illegal to misrepresent your finances during divorce. Furthermore, any intentional misrepresentation may lead you to be treated as a “guilty” party within alimony and equitable distribution considerations by a judge or a divorce mediator. In other words, if you are caught trying to commit financial fraud, you will immediately be in a weakened position. Such actions are never recommended. Full and fair disclosure of finances during a divorce is an essential step.

Paramus Divorce Filing Lawyers Discuss the Nuts and Bolts of Divorce

Another type of mistake our Paramus divorce lawyers see almost every day is clerical or filing errors made by our clients. The nuts and bolts of divorce in New Jersey are exceedingly complicated for those who are not familiar. Individuals must select fault or no fault divorce, declare a grounds for divorce, file for divorce through the correct channels, respond accurately and promptly, and potentially file dozens of other required documents.

The simplest and best way to avoid this headache is to work with a qualified and experienced divorce attorney. What may seem like an insurmountable pile of paperwork is just another day in the office for a legal professional. It cannot be overstated that these initial filings are the basis for your divorce proceedings, and errors may have a major impact on your eventual divorce settlement.

Teaneck Divorce Attorneys: Other Common Mistakes to Avoid

Beyond financial and practical matters, there are a number of less obvious mistakes which our Teaneck divorce attorneys witness during divorce proceedings. These common mistakes which are easily avoidable include:

  • Agreeing to unfair terms too quickly. Many individuals just want to “get it over with” and will agree to almost anything. This is certainly understandable, but can negatively impact your and your family’s future
  • Coming in with a combative attitude. There are no winners and losers during divorce. In many cases, divorcing spouses are closer than they realize when it comes to resolving disputes. Approaching the process with an open mind is a great way to reduce the stresses of divorce
  • Remember the best interests of your children first, not just the best interests of you and your co-parent
  • Allowing emotion to overrule your better judgement. This can be true in any number of ways, but it is best to remember that divorce proceedings are essentially for the purpose of coming to a legal agreement. That being said, seeking mental health help is highly recommended as well during such a difficult time

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