Co-Parenting During Divorce in Bergen County, NJ

Paramus NJ Child Custody LawyersFor parents, divorce can be a difficult time when it comes to keeping their children happy and healthy. Children are incredibly sensitive and in tune with their parents emotions and may be experiencing their first major life event. While there is no avoiding some level of change, it is possible for parents to effectively co-parent throughout and after the divorce process through various practical and logistical means. For example, many families find it advantageous to seek temporary child custody agreements to provide a well defined parenting schedule for children during divorce proceedings.

Today, our child custody attorneys will be reviewing some high level co-parenting recommendations, what to avoid, and how legal actions can serve families and provide a stable and secure environment for children during and after divorce.

Co-Parenting Tips During Divorce in Bergen County, NJ

There is no blueprint for parenting. This is never more true than during a potentially stressful and contentious divorce. Our Bergen County child custody attorneys believe that each family must make the decisions which will best serve their children in such times. However, we also understand that there are a handful of high level tips which can be beneficial for all families, including:

Having open and honest communication between all parties – co-parents and children will all be going through a difficult time during a divorce. One of the most important and effective ways to maintain a healthy relationship is to remain communicative an honest, not only with children but with your co-parent as well.

Treat your co-parent with respect – even young children will notice if you are bickering and fighting with your co-parent. Try to keep any unpleasantness away from your children, and remember that our Bergen County attorneys are here to help if communication becomes an issue.

Take care of yourself – a happy parent is a better parent. A happy parent will also make it easier for a child to be comfortable and happy as well. Make sure you are getting the help you need during this difficult period.

Paramus Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Parenting Schedules and More

While there are endless ways that co-parents may seek to make their children’s lives better through communication and other personal issues, there are also a handful of practical ways that parents may make this transition easier for everyone. It is easy to forget when our kids badger us to stay up past their bedtime and watch one more movie, but children thrive under predictable and stable circumstances. Our Paramus child custody lawyers can help your family provide such a stable environment through:

Temporary child custody agreements – divorce proceedings have the potential to take many months or even years. While a shorter timeline is certainly possible and achievable, many co-parents seek temporary child custody agreements to lay out their parenting responsibilities as soon as possible.

Parenting schedules – along those lines, defining a concrete parenting schedule can make this transition smoother for children and parents alike. Children will not wonder where they are staying, and parents can plan their lives accordingly.

Fair and reasonable child support – when it comes to raising children, the financial burden is a major cause of stress. Reaching a fair child support or temporary child support agreement can be enormously beneficial.

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