What to Know About Non-Marital Agreements in NJ

If you and your partner have chosen not to get married, you may still desire some of the legal benefits of marriage without the title. To learn more about how to achieve this with a non-marital agreement, continue reading. For assistance in creating a non-martial agreement, contact our non-marital agreements attorney. We would be happy to assist you. Here are some questions you may have: Why should I draft a…Read More

What You Need to Know About Non-Marital Agreements in NJ

During the course of their lives, many people choose to marry. That being said, as you know, it is quite possible to love someone without wanting to formally get married. This is becoming more and more common in today's day and age. That being said, married couples are allowed access to various legal and financial benefits because of their marital status, and non-married couples are not. However, by drafting a…Read More

Non-Marital Agreements in New Jersey

Marriage is a beautiful thing, however, many couples choose to simply remain unmarried, though they are partners in life. That being said, marriage inherently comes with various benefits, financially and otherwise, that non-married partners, under many circumstances, do not enjoy. However, if you and your partner are interested in drafting what is known as a non-marital agreement, you may receive many of the benefits that marriage affords. If this sounds like…Read More

Creating Non-Marital Agreements in New Jersey

Many people look forward to marriage, however, many people are also perfectly content with remaining unmarried and spending all their time with their life partner. Fortunately, you can receive many of the benefits and protections afforded by marriage through what is known as a non-marital agreement. Please continue reading and reach out to our knowledgeable Bergen County family law attorneys to learn more about these agreements and how they may…Read More

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