Grandparents’ Rights in New Jersey | What You Should Know

If you are going through the divorce process and you have children, your child custody agreement is most likely at the forefront of your concern. Unfortunately, though child custody battles are often most difficult for the parents and children involved, these issues can also have a very serious impact on other family members who are close to the children, such as grandparents. However, fortunately, if you are a grandparent of…Read More

What You Need to Know About Grandparents’ Rights to Visitation in New Jersey

There are few issues more complicated for divorcing spouses to deal with than creating a child custody agreement. Nobody wants to be the parent who sees their child less, however, this is frequently the case in a divorce. If one parent is granted sole custody of the child, the other parent is left only with visitation rights, and though this may change down the road, it can be very challenging…Read More

What are Grandparents’ Rights to Child Visitation in New Jersey?

When parents get divorced, they very often have to endure the litigation process to settle their child custody terms. Usually, both spouses feel as though they are entitled to more time with their child than the other. If one parent was granted sole custody, the other is left fighting for visitation rights. Similarly, when a couple gets divorced, grandparents will also sometimes have limited visitation rights. If you are a…Read More

Grand-Parent Visitation Rights Lawyers Bergen County NJ

Family law courts are often the site of some of the most emotional legal decisions. Issues such as divorce, child support and child custody can tear at the heart of any family.  Often overlooked in this sea of emotion are grand-parents. Grandparents' visitation rights often fall as secondary considerations if they are considered at all. However, this can be a grave tragedy as many grand-parents have very close and loving…Read More

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