How Can Parental Alienation Impact Child Custody in New Jersey?

If you believe that your former spouse is badmouthing you to your child or otherwise trying to manipulate your child to fear or distrust you, reach out to our experienced family law attorney to learn how parental alienation can affect your child custody agreement. What are the most common forms of parental alienation? Parental alienation can come in many forms. The one thing that all forms of parental alienation have…Read More

Myths About Co-Parenting After Divorce

There are many misconceptions regarding divorce and co-parenting with your former spouse. Continue reading to discover some of the most common myths about co-parenting after divorce and how to face the idea of co-parenting with a more realistic and grounded state of mind. Reach out to our experienced divorce attorney if you have further questions about navigating co-parenting with your former spouse. We are here to help. Mothers are always…Read More

How Does Substance Abuse Affect Child Custody in NJ?

If you believe your former spouse has a substance abuse problem or if you have a substance abuse problem yourself, it may affect your child custody agreement. Continue reading to discover the types of child custody granted in New Jersey, how child custody is determined in the state, and what effect substance abuse may have on your child custody agreement. What are the types of child custody in New Jersey?…Read More

Temporary Child Custody During Divorce

Any divorce settlement agreement that includes children will include a plan for child custody. However, when you are proceeding through a divorce, there is a temporary child custody agreement put into place for this specific time period. You are within your rights to proceed with your divorce or a temporary custody motion without legal representation, in matters as critical as many divorce issues such as child custody, child support, alimony,…Read More

How is child custody determined in New Jersey?

Child custody issues are complex and vary from family to family. No parent wants to lose valuable time with their child. It is understandable to want to fight over custody for this reason alone. It is important to understand all the aspects of how custody is determined in New Jersey for the best possible outcome for you and your children. Continue reading to answer any questions you might have about…Read More

What Should I Do if My Ex Isn’t Following Our Child Custody Agreement?

As a parent, having custody of your child is paramount, and if you are a divorced parent and share custody with your former spouse, you depend on your spouse to abide by your custody agreement. When he or she fails to do so, it can hurt both you and your child, and you are most likely now looking to do something about it. Continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable…Read More

What Are Fathers’ Rights? What You Need to Know.

As you know, there is nothing more important to a parent than their child, and this is, of course, true whether you are a mother or a father. That being said, if you are a father who is currently getting divorced, there is a chance that you may be worrying whether your spouse will immediately be awarded child custody due to the stigma surrounding custody determinations. Fortunately, in New Jersey,…Read More

What to Know About Child Custody for Unmarried Parents in New Jersey

There are few things more important to a parent than being able to look after and raise his or her child. However, when a couple gets divorced, child custody is, at times, called into question. Further, if you have a child with a person with whom you were never married, you won't go through the divorce process, however, this does not mean you cannot disagree on custody terms. When this…Read More

Parental Alienation in New Jersey | What You Should Know

Divorces take a toll on all parties involved, especially children. If you share custody of your child and you believe that your former spouse is badmouthing you to your child, regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, you are most likely looking to take actions to stop it, as countless studies have shown that this behavior can do irreparable emotional damage to a child. Please continue reading to…Read More

Can I Win Back Child Custody if I Was Not Initially Awarded It in NJ?

There is nothing worse as a parent than being denied custody of your child. This is why if you find yourself in this situation, you are most likely now seeking to win back custody of your child. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys to learn more about child custody, how we can help you seek a modification to your custody agreement, and more.…Read More

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