After Your Divorce is Finalized, Take these Steps

There are many important steps to take after your divorce has been finalized. The best way to complete each of these tasks is to create a list and to work through this list until you know that everything that could be affected by your recent divorce has been handled. After your divorce has been finalized, follow each of the following steps:

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Will & Estate Plan

After your divorce is finalized, one of the first steps you will want to take is to prepare a new will and estate plan or update your existing documents during this transition with the assistance of an estate attorney.

Bank Accounts

Be sure to remove your former spouse from the title of all of your bank accounts by contacting the financial institution directly to ensure each account is awarded to the appropriate person and these accounts will only have one person authorized to use them.


To be sure that your ex-spouse is not named as the beneficiary in your retirement accounts, be sure to update your retirement plans.


Prepare the necessary documents needed to remove your former spouse from the vehicles that you own and have been awarded. Be sure to remove your own name from any vehicles awarded to your spouse.

Trusts & Life Insurance

Revise your trust and all life insurance policies to remove your ex-spouse as a beneficiary unless you are required to maintain them individually or for the benefit of a child to secure support.

Health Insurance

Remove your former spouse from your health and other insurances if you maintain the policy for them. Notify your employer or plan provider of your divorce on the day it is finalized to complete this process in a timely manner.

Credit Cards

Confirm you have been removed from all of your ex-spouse’s credit cards by requesting written confirmation this is completely in a timely fashion. Remove your ex-spouse as an authorized user or owner of your credit cards.  This will avoid your credit from being impacted by your former spouse.

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