Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

NJ Divorce Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ

Steps To Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Choosing a Divorce Attorney in Bergen County NJMost people going through a divorce understand that acquiring the services of an attorney is a clear first step. However, choosing the right divorce lawyer for you is another matter entirely. You will be depending on your attorney and the law firm they represent to advocate for your rights, navigate the legal ins and outs of your divorce, and ultimately secure the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

And while there is no exact formula for finding and hiring the right divorce attorney for you, on this page we will discuss the things any individual going through a divorce should look for in their divorce attorney, and why these things are critical to the ultimate success of your divorce.

At The Law Office of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, we pride ourselves on practicing exclusively divorce and family law, and the successful divorce settlement agreements we have already secured for our past clients.

Call our office today to discuss your needs and concerns when it comes to your divorce, any specific issues you may have when it comes to things like child custody, child support, alimony, and marital asset division, and how we can be of service to you and your family in a free and confidential consultation with our legal team.

Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not all divorce proceedings need to end up in court, and not all divorces need to be a legal mess. Offering many avenues through which you can reach a resolution can be a huge factor in determining which law firm will best suit your needs. It may be a good choice to explore alternative dispute resolution to resolve divorce disputes in a less contentious and more amicable manner. We don’t just see these methods as “alternatives”, we see them as solutions which may be of great value to our clients.

Mediation – Divorce mediation is a non-binding method which involves an impartial mediator to find common ground between two parties. Mediation is a great choice for our clients who wish to avoid litigation and handle their divorce issues with an open mind. Working with a law office that provides not only mediation attorneys but mediators themselves may be an advantage

Collaborative Divorce – Another alternative method of conflict resolution, collaborative divorce also is aimed at avoiding going to court while working towards a common goal. The primary difference is that collaborative divorce entails a written agreement that states both parties are committed to settling their disputes outside of the courtroom. Collaborative family law attorneys can help you reach an amicable and favorable conclusion without the added expense of litigation

Arbitration – Also similar to mediation, but with the key difference that arbitration is legally binding once the process is complete. Arbitration may be advantageous to individuals who are wanting to quickly, inexpensively, and fairly resolve their disputes without litigation.

Experienced and Respected Family Law Attorneys 

When selecting a divorce attorney, you want to know that you are in good hands. While education and the study of law are essential to being a successful lawyer, we believe there is no replacement for hands on, focused experience in the local area.

You may want to look for divorce and family attorneys who have been recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys, a distinction held by only 2 percent of eligible lawyers in the state. Another sign of respect from legal peers is earning the honor of being nominated in the New Jersey Super Lawyers list. Some respected attorneys are even asked to contribute to books and publications or serve as panelists for the New Jersey Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel Mediation Program. 

By choosing the Law Firm of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, you will not only be working with an experienced team, but with one that is greatly respected by its peers.

Contact Our Hackensack, NJ Divorce and Family Attorneys Today

Our team of Bergen County attorneys has over 75 years of combined experience practicing divorce and family law. Because all of our lawyers have dedicated their careers on divorce and family law, we have accumulated the knowledge and resources to complement our years of experience. We even have experience winning cases heard in the New Jersey Supreme Court. Our deep understanding of New Jersey law and the proceedings therein allow our clients to rest assured that they are in good legal standing.

Our partners have all been honored as Certified Matrimonial Attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court and have been nominated as Super Lawyers* every year since 2006. We hand-selected every attorney employed by our firm to ensure that we have a well rounded and diverse staff, including members who have worked for the New Jersey family court system. We believe in putting our experience to work for our clients and enjoy keeping them as informed and involved as possible throughout the process.

With a practice dedicated to family law, our diverse and talented team of attorneys have focused our careers on helping clients resolve their legal issues in a knowledgeable and compassionate manner. The complexities facing individuals going through a divorce can be daunting. Lean on our experience to guide you through the divorce process so that you can focus on the needs of you and your family.

Contact our Hackensack offices today at (201) 397-1750 to learn more about what we can do for you. As always, we refuse to lose sight of the person in the process.

* Our attorneys have received the honor of being included in the Super Lawyers and/or Super Lawyers Rising Stars list(s) published by Thomson Reuters, relative to being divorce attorneys. Their dates of inclusion are noted on the individual attorney pages. The qualifications or requirements for being included on said list can be viewed here.

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