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Temporary Alimony

Alimony and spousal support can be one of the most contentious issues to decide during any Bergen County divorce. The supporting spouse wants to limit what they will be required to pay, while the dependant spouse wants to ensure they can maintain a lifestyle similar to what they enjoyed during their marriage after their divorce is resolved.

However, divorces can often take at least a year or more to resolve, so dependent spouses are often left scrambling to make ends meet and pay their rent or mortgage during their divorce, all the while waiting for their divorce to be resolved in order to begin receiving the support they could expect during the course of their marriage.

This is where what is known as “pendente lite” support comes into play. Pendente lite is the legal term for alimony and support which can be sought during the divorce process itself, before an alimony agreement is formally reached. Pendente lite support, or temporary support, is important for spouses who sacrificed their careers or potential to earn a living in order to be primary caregivers to children, or caretakers of the family home, to continue to fulfill these responsibilities during their divorce.

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Obtaining a Pendente Lite Agreement during a Divorce

There are two different ways for a pendente lite agreement to be reached during the divorce process. The first way is when the divorcing parties come to their own agreement regarding which parties will be responsible for which expenses, and if any additional support from one party to the other is necessary. As long as the courts believe whatever arrangement you reach with your spouse to be fair and reasonable, you and your alimony attorney can submit this informal agreement in writing to the courts in the form of a “consent order”, and the temporary support arrangement you have reached with your spouse will become a formal pendente lite agreement, enforceable by law.

The other way of obtaining a temporary alimony agreement during your divorce is by submitting a petition with the courts to review your case, and potentially award a temporary support agreement. This action is often taken when a spouse refuses to support the other during the divorce process, or when the support they are providing is insufficient to meeting the needs of the other spouse.

This pendente lite petition will need to include documents known as a “Certification” and a “Case Information Statement”. A certification will provide financial information regarding your expected lifestyle, and the case information statement will provide financial information pertaining to the finances of your marriage including the incomes of both parties, assets you possess, and a history of monthly expenses. These documents need to be as accurate as possible in order to ensure not only that you receive the pendente lite settlement you deserve, but also so that the temporary support agreement is even granted.

Regardless of which method of obtaining temporary support may best suit your needs, it is highly recommended that you retain the counsel of an experienced alimony attorney during this process in order to ensure that any agreement that you reach is fair to you, and legally valid.


How Will my Temporary Alimony Agreement Be Calculated?

If the divorce court finds that temporary alimony is necessary in your case, the court will attempt to find a pendente lite agreement which allows both parties to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed during their marriage, or as close to it as possible. Of course, having the help of an experienced temporary alimony attorney can help persuade the court that temporary alimony is needed, or unnecessary, in your particular case.

When awarding temporary alimony, the courts will take the same factors into consideration that they do when deciding a final alimony agreement. For a better understanding of what those factors are, be sure to view our spousal support and alimony page.


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