How Can Leaving My Home Affect the Division of Assets Agreement During a Divorce?

Moving out of your home can be an emotionally and financially taxing process. Most people do not want to leave their home, however, when they can no longer live with their spouse, it is very often their only option. Many married couples jointly own or rent their family home. However, by moving, you are not […]

Division of Assets in New Jersey

When a couple goes through a divorce, it is often a tiring and complex process that requires a great amount of attention. During this process, there are several legal matters that are required to be taken care of before a marriage is officially over. When two spouses combine their lives, there are many aspects of […]

Alimony, Child Support, Division of Assets after Death

Protecting the Futures of Clients across Ridgewood, Hackensack, Paramus, Teaneck, Fort Lee and Bergen County It’s unpleasant to consider what will happen after we die, but if you’re in the middle of divorce or child support litigation and the division of assets, now is the time to start planning for that eventuality.  Generally support obligations, […]

Division of Assets

When married, many couples adopt a “what’s mine is yours” mentality, sharing bank accounts, expenses, retirement funds, health insurance, and a variety of other assets and debts that range from mortgage loans to credit cards. Due to the vast array of physical property, such as vehicles and jewelry, and intangible assets such as stocks and […]

How is the Value of Luxury Assets Determined? | New Jersey Divorce

In some marriages, spouses will have certain assets that are valuable and will be considered luxury assets including items such as the following: collector’s items, vacation homes, fine art, recreational vehicles, club memberships, and more. When this occurs, it is important that these assets’ values are determined before they are divided between spouses. To learn […]

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